Four Everyday Uses for Solar Energy

The cost of energy has been going up. If you don’t believe me, take an inventory of your electric bills over the past year. It’s there in black and white. These prices are predicted to increase even more over the course of the next year. It’s no surprise that many people are looking into alternative sources of energy to power their homes, vehicles, and even offices.

Prices for electricity change constantly. Electricity is created based entirely on demand. The more energy that we use, the more that it will likely cost. Fuel prices coupled with consumer behavior can cause a huge spike in your electric bills each month. There simply aren’t enough commercially available wind farms, solar facilities, and other natural sources of energy to offset the cost of traditional electricity.

This is where personal consumer responsibility comes into play. We need to look into ways to power our personal lives that can be collected and stored in a natural way. The most popular source of alternative energy is solar energy. This involves the collection of photons reaching the Earth with the rays of the sun. These can be converted into usable energy, and stored in batteries. Solar energy is much more attainable than many people think. You can try to make your own solar setup, or look for solar panels in San Luis Obispo.

Here’s just a small number of potential uses for solar energy:

1. Transportation

Solar powered cars are finally becoming a more mainstream piece of tech. They aren’t quite readily available yet, but car companies are starting to look at solar power as a part of their power systems.

There are several solar powered public transit systems already in operation. These include buses in China that have given them part of a solution to their rising issue with pollution and air quality.

The storage and use of solar energy to actually power a vehicle for an extended length of time at high speeds hasn’t been entirely realized yet, but progress is definitely being made!

2. In Homes

The use of solar panels in homes has grown by leaps and bounds over the last century. The materials and installation have finally reached an affordable level, and can be offered in most communities.

There are even do-it-yourself kits that allow you to build and install your own solar systems. The solar panels have a sleek and unobtrusive look, and the savings are definitely worth it! A good solar energy system in an area with a high level of exposure to sunlight can save you up to half your monthly energy costs. The solar panels collect the sunlight, and will convert it into energy that’s sent directly into your home. Solar energy can also be collected for later use with the help of specialized batteries. The cost of installation can be offset with government subsidies, and the huge savings you’ll experience.

3. Heating Water

This is one common sense use that many people overlook. Solar energy is an incredibly effective way to heat water for use within your home. There are water heaters created specifically for use with solar energy, not to mention solar heaters for pools and hot tubs. This is a small use that makes a huge difference!

4. Power Outdoor Attractions

If you’ve ever wanted that beautiful yard full of fountains and walkway lighting, solar power can make it a real possibility. Solar power can be used to power pumps for water fixtures, as well as the filtration systems they require to stay looking pristine. It can also be harnessed for use with outdoor lighting. Everything from garden accents to porch lights can be improved with solar energy!