Incredible Uses For Solar Energy Today

With many different devices we have on hand today, companies are pushing for products that use solar energy as an alternative to electrical power sources and batteries. We can use solar energy as a source of power for many different electronics and machines, including vehicles. The possibilities as endless in this fairly new trend of renewable energy, and it is just a matter of time until you may consider powering your very home with solar energy.

Solar energy is created from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and converts them into photovoltaic energy with the use of solar paneling. This conversion of energy is capable of giving off power to light, motors, appliances, and other products of technology.

Here are some great uses of solar energy that is currently available on the market to home and business owners from solar companies in San Luis Obispo.


With solar panels, as you might already have known, homeowners can provide power to their home with less reliability from their electric company. A solar energy grid can either be installed on a homeowner’s roof or in his or her yard.

As you see this as a viable option, be sure to take advantage of saving money on upfront solar costs to see how much money you can save from solar companies in San Luis Obispo. While standalone solar products are convenient and cheap, a solar panel for one’s home is the best way to minimize carbon emissions and save close to ten thousand dollars per year.


Some examples of vehicles than can operate with the help of solar energy include cars, buses, trains, and even airplanes. Even roads and railroads themselves can give off solar power, meaning that vehicles do not necessarily have to contain solar power in order to use it!

Here in Australia, solar cars are being immensely developed and used for competitive racing, and has gained a worldwide recognition. In China, solar buses are becoming common in populous cities such as Beijing, where they are taking liberties to reduce carbon emissions for its numerous citizens. And in America, the first ever solar powered plane was constructed, and even managed to fly around the world before crashing in a body of water.


Adding lights powered by solar energy is one of the simplest ways to increase efficiency in our homes. Opposed to traditional lights that require a connection with long, complicated cables or wires, solar powered lights are wireless, and collect their power from the sun during the day, and store that power until it is night time. Solar powered lights are joining the ranks of LED bulbs as a means to reduce utility costs at home.


Without the need to invest in a solar energy grid, there are water heaters and space heaters that are powered by solar energy that are available for purchase. Water heaters can use solar energy to heat the water inside of it, whereas space heaters can collect the sun’s rays and convert it into thermal energy. Solar energy can even be used to heat swimming pools. A device is used to collect sunlight, which proceeds to turn that sunlight into heat. Water flows through this device, making the water warmer, and thus spreading heat all about the pool.

Personal Tech

There are also ways to collect sunlight and turn it into power for your very own personal gadgets, such as phones, tablets, laptops, flashlights, and even hair dryers. With the use of a solar powered charger that is portable, you can take your tech anywhere you go and never run out of battery life.