5 Best Uses Of Residential Solar Energy

Solar energy is radiant energy produced by the sun. It’s a clean and renewable energy source, which can be easily converted to thermal heat directly or indirectly into electricity. Solar energy is widely encouraged in California for residential and commercial use. Use of solar energy comes with a lot of benefits for homeowners and business owners in areas like Fresno. Here are 5 best uses of residential solar energy.

Concern for the environment advocates for the use of renewable energy sources including the use of solar power panels. It’s a great opportunity to get off the national grid. This comes with many benefits including forgetting power cuts and high power bills at the end of the month. Further with solar energy, only the initial cost requires a substantial amount. A solar power system is less expensive in the long run. Here are the various ways to use solar energy in your home.

Ventilating your home

Fans are used in lots of homes for air circulation. They help control odors, moisture and hence give you comfort. You can operate various items in your home like the bath, floor ventilation, and ceiling fans. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure efficient heating and cooling of your home. You can also power your attic ventilation fans with solar energy.

Powering outdoor lighting

Energy from a residential solar city Fresno CA power system is useful for outdoor lighting. This might include walkway and security lighting. A well-illuminated compound helps you find your way and entry door. It’s also valuable for deterring unwanted guest from your residence. You can even get solar lighting equipment to provide light for your landscaping plus other prominent features.

Water heating

Solar energy is very useful in heating water for your household. It’s a convenient and cheaper alternative to using electricity or gas water heaters. Consider replacing your existing water heating system with one which relies on solar. You will notice an increase in your power consumption efficiency by about 15 to 30 percent. Making the replacement will only require making an initial cost but with long-term savings. It’s a worthwhile investment which will see your savings accumulating for years to come.

Heating your swimming pool

The family pool is great joy in summer for the entire family. Everyone will be so excited to jump into the water unless it’s icy. A good option is to add a solar blanket to your pool.

This will keep the water warm. The blanket will warm the water in the pool without any other installation. When the time comes to take a dip in the pool, your whole family will be all smiles. All this will be because of the wonderful energy from the sun.

As noticed, there are endless benefits to derive from a residential solar system installation. Find a reputable Fresno solar installer to get your system today. It will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy all the benefits which come with this renewable energy source.