Why it is a good idea to replace both your Air Conditioner and Furnace at the same time

Do not fix what isn’t broken. This is normally good advice to follow, but not when it comes to heating and air conditioning units. When one or the other unit breaks down, what may seem like the right thing to do by sheer instinct is to have the broken unit replaced and have the remaining unit still going. However, it is a better idea to replace both units at the same time, and we can explain why.

Whether you eventually replace one unit or both your units, it is crucial to have your certified heating and cooling specialists involved every step of the way. A certified repairman could identify problems both major and minor, and can simply repair one of your units when you initially thought it needed to be replaced. This will extend the life of your existing unit and give you more time to plan a replacement for another time. And when you are ready to install a new unit for heating or air conditioning Bakersfield you will need an expert on hand to ensure your systems are configured for the highest levels of efficiency possible with no problems occurring.

If you are in a conundrum with your furnace and air conditioner, being that one is broken and the other still has a few years to go, give it an accurate and honest assessment. Is it still doing its job effectively? It is saving you enough money during the summer or winter? You can consider a new unit, whether your old unit isn’t running efficiently like it used to, or if it does not provide enough for your home, compared to what a newer model could.

It is also important to consider how old your existing unit is. Furnaces will typically last a handful of years longer than an air conditioner. Air conditioning units will need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, while furnaces can still run after 20 years of operation. The closer your units get to their proposed expiration dates, the more you should lean towards having these units replaced.

As mentioned previously, you may still have a unit that is working well, but it may not be performing at the point in which it is reducing your utility bills. By replacing both your furnace and your air conditioner, you are capable of saving a lot of money throughout the years, long term. Bakersfield’s best experts in heating and air conditioning offers you units that will keep you cool and warm, and save you money every year.

Companies that work in both heating and cooling can offer what are called matched systems. Matched systems use the same handling of air, which reduce energy usage and equipment costs. They are also designed to work together so it is almost impossible to have heating working against cooling, and vice versa. Matched systems also have warranties that cover more parts that may go wrong over a longer period of time, compared to just a standalone furnace or air conditioner.

If you only decide to replace one of your units, you will not be getting all the benefits and the most efficiency from a pair of new units. Having both of your heating and air conditioning units repaired within years apart from each other will also be more expensive than having both of them replaced at the same time.

If you are unsure about the state of your units, talk to your heating and cooling expert to see if you need to have both of your units replaced.