The Variety of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy has become incredibly popular over the last few decades. This is primarily due to our growing awareness of fossil fuels and their ties to global warming. They’ve also created serious issues with pollution, and we’ve seen many man-made disasters due to unnatural energy methods. Renewable energy is any source of energy that naturally renews itself on Earth. This means that it’s not taking anything away from the planet to use, and it’s fully replaceable.

This is a source of energy that’s not going to damage the planet, and that will never run out. It’s an infinite way to power our lives without doing harm to our environment. Non-renewable energy sources have always been used to maintain our national power grid. Unfortunately, this has led to Serious changes in climate. It’s very difficult to ignore the way that global warming has begun to affect our planet.

When we talk about nonrenewable energy we’re generally referring to fossil fuels. These are fuels that originate from organic material that has decayed over thousands of years. Things like oil, coal and other substances that we burn for power are considered fossil fuels. Eventually, these sources of fuel are going to run out. They have also led to an accumulation of gases in our atmosphere that have worked to insulate the planet. They don’t allow heat to leave the surface of the planet as it should, and this has led to global warming. It’s also referred to as the greenhouse effect. The thinning of the ozone layer coupled with the greenhouse effect allowed more sunlight to hit the surface of the Earth while allowing less heat to escape. As a result of this, the temperature on the earth is slowly rising and causing serious problems for different environments.

If we continually use fossil fuels instead of more renewable energy sources we’re going to eventually damage our planet to the point of no return. Right now, we still have the opportunity to turn much of this damage around. By trusting our energy to places like solar companies in Fresno, we are completely changing the outlook for our planet. We can prolong the life of our environment, and stop the mass extinction of different types of animals. Considering the near-death of the Great Barrier Reef, this is definitely something we need to look into. If you’re interested in doing your part, consider using some of these renewable energy sources:

Solar Energy

This uses solar panels to collect photons that come from the sunlight. These photons are converted into photovoltaic energy, and used to power our homes. The photovoltaic energy goes through a solar inverter and is converted to a wattage that’s appropriate for most of our daily appliances. This means that we can essentially get our energy from sunshine. As we’ve come up with more sophisticated techniques for harvesting solar power, we’re discovering that it’s possible to power our entire lives using this type of renewable energy.

Wind Energy

Many of us have seen these giant windmills popping up on wind farms all over the country. They’re actually a really fantastic sight to see, and they show the true potential of renewable energy. Generating electricity using wind requires the use of huge windmills. These windmills are giant turbines that are placed in areas where there is a high concentration of air flow. The faster they spin, the more electricity they’re able to generate for the surrounding areas.


Using water to power things has been around since the use of streams for Mill Wheels. Hydroelectricity involves using the flow of water to power a turbine in order to generate electricity. This energy will always be there, and finding a way to harness it is a fantastic way to replace traditional use of fossil fuels.