Three Air Conditioning noises that are bad news for your unit

If you have owned an air conditioner for any length of time you probably know what it sounds like when it runs the right way. If your air conditioner, much like a car, starts to make unusual noises when it is un use, it is really something that you should ignore. These noises are usually the first of multiple signs to indicate that your unit is experiencing a problem. There are multiple different sounds that it can produce, and believe it or not, noticing different sounds can help you determine which problem your unit might be facing.


Hissing noises come from a faulty air conditioning unit when your refrigerant line is severed or has a leak in it. This is what will cause your refrigerant level in the air conditioning unit to drop and will have less ability to extract heat from the building. What this means is that your air conditioning is incapable of receiving cold air to give to your home. Eventually, the refrigerant level will continue to drop too low for the unit to be of any use at all, and will eventually break down. Hissing noises from your air conditioning unit should be taken very seriously, as you may soon to no longer be receiving any cool air whatsoever. Contact your air conditioning specialists to have your unit repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If it makes more sense to replace your air conditioner than it would be to repair it, consider looking into a solar air unit.


Your air conditioning unit controls the air throughout your home using what is called an air handler, which is a motor with a fan attached to it. This mechanism has to deal with a heavy amount of stress during operation, so it is included with oil bearings to make it run smoothly. The oil bearings will wear out over time, and when that happens, the friction on this air handler increases friction, which is the main source of this grinding noise. If these oil bearings are not replaced soon, the air handler’s motor can overheat and break down.

Shutting Off Automatically

It is also possible for your air conditioner to shut off and then back on every few minutes. This is what is called short cycling, and it is a very major problem that one can experience. The cause of short cycling can be a number of things, from a damaged compressor to a series of short circuits. The effects of short cycling can be more severe than what causes it.

For one, short cycling will drastically limit an air conditioning unit’s cooling abilities, and makes the unit work harder for smaller levels of output. The unit’s inner workings will wear out much faster than normal during short cycling. Even if you have fixed an air conditioning unit with short cycling before, it will experience a shorter life thanks to it. You can easily tell if your unit is short cycling if you can hear it continuously shut down and start back up throughout the day. Contact a repair specialist as soon as possible and schedule a home appointment in the near future.

If you feel like your unit is on its last legs, consider a solar air unit for your next air conditioner. Solar air conditioning consumes less energy, therefore saving you a lot of money in the long term.

If you notice strange noises coming from your air conditioning unit, be sure it gets taken care of as soon as possible, wither it is hissing, grinding, buzzing, or shutting off and on randomly.