The Best Areas of the World for Solar Energy

The world has made no secret of its love affair with the growing popularity of solar energy. Renewable energy sources are quickly becoming more popular than traditional sources of fossil fuels. This is because we’ve finally begun to realize the exact cost of global warming. Temperatures all over the world are rising and temperatures are setting new world records each and every year. There are certain areas that are becoming unlivable due to high temperatures and others that are suffering by way of crops and water supplies. Solar energy has been around for over 100 years, but has finally made the technological advances to be usable. It’s now become commonplace for many of us to see solar panels popping up all over the world. It’s a piece of technology that is fairly recognizable for all of the newer generations. With the technology becoming so available, more and more people are taking an interest in adding it on to their homes.

Unfortunately, not all areas of the world are created equal when it comes to sunlight exposure. In order for solar energy to be effective, the solar panel needs to be in full view of the sun. As the sun hits the solar panel, photons are absorbed and transformed into photovoltaic energy. This type of energy is then transferred onto a solar inverter where it’s converted to a wattage that is usable in most homes. Access energy can be stored in a battery and can power the home even when the sun isn’t available. Many governments are also recognizing the potential for green energy sources. They now offer subsidies and tax breaks for companies and residents that put in things like windmills or solar panels.

There are solar energy companies in Bakersfield California that are leading the way in new and innovative ideas. Areas all over the world are starting to turn towards the sun as a way to power their lives. Once the cost of the solar panels is offset by the electric bills, the energy is practically free. It’s also extremely efficient and available. These are just a few areas from around the world that get the best solar exposure:

South Korea

This is a country that’s advantageously placed to get the absolute most from the sunlight. It’s also worked very hard to develop an integrated solar system that can power thousands of homes. South Korea doesn’t plan on slowing the solar program anytime soon, and we could be looking at a greener country in just a few decades. Many of the more prominent companies that operate the energy grid have started solar farms and make this power available to their customers.


With such a booming and distantly growing population, it makes perfect sense for India to consider solar power. This is one of the most populated areas in the world for the space that it has available. They have some of the largest solar energy producing plants in the world, and often power entire cities with them. India seems to be in a constant race with China to see who can build the biggest and best solar farms.


This is another country that’s extremely populated, and desperately needs new sources of energy. Anyone that is familiar with China understands that the industrial sectors have started to pollute the air in an extreme way. There are some days where people can’t go out and walk around without wearing face masks. This is a country in desperate need of renewable energy sources, and solar power is providing just that. They plan on expanding their program as quickly as possible.