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Commercial solar power presents a great opportunity for you to save your business money. By taking advantage of the Federal Tax credits, your business can reduce the cost of electricity by capitalizing on current incentives, allowing you to harness the full value of solar for business. Bland Solar & Air will assess, design, install, and finance integrated energy solutions for various commercial buildings, including offices, retail locations, food stores, restaurants, well pumps, and agricultural applications, lodging, and warehouses. Our commercial solar systems are built to help your business by improving cash flow and overall energy savings.

Commercial solar PV systems can be an excellent investment for your business. Producing your own energy can save thousands and improve your work environment. Financing opportunities for solar have never been better for business and property owners. Now is the time to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit incentive. Bland Solar & Air designs, obtains all required permits, installs, tests, and supports the inspection of grid-connected rooftop and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic systems for commercial solar customers throughout California.