The city of Fresno is privileged with significant sunlight almost year-around; with that, you can harness this energy to generate electricity and cut down your power expenses. At Bland Solar & Air, we are committed to assisting you throughout this transition with our expertise and experience. We are an authorized and reliable solar installer in one of the largest areas of solar city Fresno. The solar panels installed by us will turn your rooftop into a solar energy hub. It will produce cleaner and cheaper energy for your home.

We offer comprehensive solutions with a team of solar energy experts and engineers. Ensuring 24/7 monitoring of your solar system is our commitment and we always abide by the rules specified for installation of the solar city you live in Fresno CA.

Why Customers Prefer Bland Solar?

When you choose solar energy as an alternative source of electricity for residential or commercial consumption, you take a proactive step towards the preservation of our invaluable ecosystem. At Bland Solar, we offer you the best resources, solar products, and services to ensure large cost savings.

Best Solar Products:

We ensure you the best quality at every step of solar system installation, and enforce our deep commitment to quality standards. Also, we have partnered with the most trusted suppliers of solar panels in Fresno and can customize your system according to your needs.

Extensive Warranty:

All the products at Bland Solar & Air are backed by comprehensive warranties up to 25 years. Our advanced solar power systems have a web-based monitoring feature and we are 24/7 available to handle your queries and concerns. If your solar panels from the nation’s largest area of Solar City Fresno fail to produce more than 80% of their capacity, we will notify you.

Faster Installation:

At Bland Solar & Air, our experts will help you in the selection of the best solar system with hassle-free installation.

For more information on solar system installation in Fresno, CA, call us today.