Joe Johnson

I had a number of Solar Companies come out and give me a quote. Most just tried to sell me the one or two products that they pushed. Ty Simpson from Bland Solar & Air listened to what was important to me and assessed all of our needs. They helped us choose from the many different products that they offered. Most other companies just relied on what my PG&E bill said I needed based on my past usage, along with a quick glance at my roof. And in a couple of cases just an old picture of my house on the internet. Ty was the only person who climbed on my roof and used instruments to measure the angle of the sun’s path over my roof, to be sure that I knew what performance I could expect from my solar system! Ty, along with Bland Solar & Air, saved me a lot of money in both the short term and long term!

Additionally, Bland Solar & Air did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. Additionally, the staff was extremely good at communicating when things were going to happen. We never had a delay from what was promised to be done at any one time. Having done a great deal of construction and home improvements I know this is a very rare situation to have happen. I could tell that they employed quality professionals who knew what they were doing. Bland separated themselves from all of the other solar companies I dealt with by not worrying about what the other companies tried to promise, but by clearly explaining the “what’s” and “why’s” they thought I should do in terms of not only my solar power, but also my air conditioning & furnace. They provided verified information with sources to back-up their promises.

I would recommend Bland Solar & Air to anyone!